Culturally Rich and Timeless

All of the products on offer at Home d’art are made by highly-skilled experts with an overabundance of talent and creativity. All of the products and design varieties on offer can be purchased directly at Home d’art as they are available in our stock for prompt shipment. Our products reflect a rich cultural tradition and are crafted using the finest materials.

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Expertly Crafted

Our art, rugs, and home textiles can be characterized as purely timeless in terms of design. Our products reflect eclectic traditions and rich history. They are the products of a labor of love performed by our highly-trained craftsmen. All of our art acknowledges the rich ancient traditions and history of the artists they represent.

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The charm, elegance, and class of our products coupled with our user-friendly platform makes it easier than ever for you to browse, evaluate and choose the perfect rugs and home textiles for your home from our wide assortment of varying styles, designs, sizes and categories. Authentically designed and expertly crafted, all our items are available on our online store.

Fresh Designs

Custom designs, select items, invigorated perspectives. This is how we think when collaborating with designers and craftsmen and their different projects. We believe that designers work at their best when they are given creative liberty concerning designs and ideas. Our artists and professionals work as a foundational pillar of the values and ideals we hold.

Crafting and Materials

A countless number of hours go into each item we design. craft and sale.

Crafted by Hand

We make hand-made rugs and paintings along with high-quality home textiles. Original and genuine art is paramount for us as we believe that the best way to express our artistic inclinations. However, it is also the most arduous, and by far the most time-intensive. Artistry is a trade that requires an unfathomable amount of patience.

Work of Dedication and Passion

Our paintings take months of expert work by our artists. In terms of our rugs, more than 1,500 hours of delicate and expert labor goes into the making of each of our authentic and unique hand-made rugs. From gourmet napkins and paintings to towels and bedding, our products exude radiant individuality.

Ideologically Creative

Home d’art is dedicated to manufacturing art that manifests a magical feeling of wonder for all lovers of art. Despite being much more difficult, time-consuming, and costly to make our products in this way, we still choose to do it because we believe that it is the only way of expressing genuine emotion.

Our Philosophy

From the start of this venture, our mission for Home d’art has been the revival of classical and antiquated traditions like oriental crafting techniques that are still in high demand due to the qualities and characteristics of the antique crafts. We aim to create the most authentic and culturally significant art forms and implement them into our core values to help artists and experts in creating the most stunning and beautiful products of art. Home d’art’s home textiles, paintings and rugs stand above their competition not only based on their beauty but also due to the rich artisanal mediums which are implemented in the manifestation of our art, the quality of the materials that are used, and their potential to evolve in an industry that has been present for millennia and has been evolving constantly. Home d’art works to empower art enthusiasts and people who desire to develop a uniquely decorative aesthetic for there home. We aim to work with artists that work on these products passionately and develop them to help creatively express themselves. Home d’art works to enable the communities in which the company works to grow and flourish. We pride ourselves on working with the best artists and experts in the global art community who use the knowledge that has been passed down to them through generations. Home d’art’s products are expertly crafted following safe and positive commercial practices. Home d’art also follow the ILO’s Minimum Age Convention, 1973 (No. 138).

Sourcing the Best

Our materials speak for the quality of the work we do and the quality of work we represent. Just like each hand-made rug takes over 1500 hours of expert craftsmanship, our hand-made paintings also require weeks and sometimes months of expert artistry and creative talent. The elements applied in the crafting of our rugs require countless hours of collection and processing materials including natural dyes, wool, silk, and cotton. The material used in the making of our home-textiles also demands countless hours of expert refining and processing. These materials include pure cotton and the finest quality silk fabrics in the market. We do not make any compromises regarding the quality and authenticity of our materials.

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Our companies consumer-friendly return policy allows you to purchase your favorite items from a large variety of products. We understand our customers desire to find the ideal art forms for your home.


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