We are a family of artists.

We introduce you to artists and styles that help you collect art. Our artists are passionate about painting our vision of a world full of life, hope, and love.

Sameen Agha

I am born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. My parents both graduated from the National College of Arts and have been running a design firm. I was introduced to arts and design from an early age. I chose painting as my major subject and mostly worked in different mediums and materials throughout my undergraduate at the National College of Arts, Lahore. I have been working as a Visual Artist with Home D’ Art since my graduation in 2016. Also, I am currently teaching as a lecturer at The Institute of Art & Culture, Lahore. I have been trained as an International Baccalaureate teacher for the Visual arts Diploma Programme in previous years.

Irfan Channa

I graduated from the National College of Arts in 2019. I work with Home D’ Ary as a landscape artist but, I also paint cityscapes. I use oil paints, watercolor, graphite powder, and other materials in landscape and cityscape paintings.

Travel in my home town Sindh motivates me for painting. I capture the beauty of that place in my artwork.


My name is Noor-ul-Huda. I am from the National College of Arts. I have been working with Home D’ Art as an artist for the last two years. My paintings are mostly portraits, figure art, still life, and landscape. Oil painting is my specialty. I like to play with vibrant colors and adding detail to my artworks. My work is usually study based.

Hamid Ali Hanbhi

I am a visual artist, currently resides in Lahore, Pakistan, originally from Jacobabad, Sindh. I graduated from the National College of Arts with a distinction in 2016. I had numerous exhibitions, projects since graduation. I am currently working with Home D’ Art as a painter, mostly making landscapes.

Ameema Saleem

My name is Ameema Saleem. I am from the College of Art and Design, Punjab University, and have been working with Home D’ Art for the last three years. I have specialized in oils, but contrary to common practice, I prefer being expressive in my approach towards painting. I usually work with thick paint and build the surface with bold strokes. I also enjoy experimenting intermittently. My work reflects my journey of discovery. My subjects include landscape, portrait, figure, and domestic interiors.

Ahsan Javaid

I graduated from the National College of Arts with a major in painting in 2016. I have been practicing as an artist and exhibiting around Pakistan since graduation. I work with Home D’ Art as an artist. My work reflects socio-political concerns and engages the viewers with various visuals. I have command on oil painting, illustrating different subjects of interest.