What is a Ziegler Rug?

Ziegler Rug is a type of rug made in Iran. The idea behind the design of these rugs focuses on the western market and aims to suit every home. A softer version of the rugs comes from Sultanabad, with soft colors derived from vegetable dyes.

Origin and History

Ziegler is the name of a particular design pattern and weaves style. Ziegler rugs are usually classified as Peshawar rugs and Chobi rugs. These rugs were mass-produced in 1883 when a German company, Ziegler and Co., was founded in Manchester, England. The company used the expertise of master designers and weavers from Europe and Iran to create a design with softer pallets. The weaving of these beautiful Ziegler rugs began in Arak, but they are now manufactured throughout Persia and in Pakistan as well.

Color and Design of Ziegler Rug

The colors used in these rugs are vegetable dyes that seem natural and fresh. Most of these rugs have subtle ivory or beige tone, often combined with a darker background. The background colors can be blue, yellow, red, or brown to complement the intricate woven design patterns of the Ziegler rugs. The edges have dense works of art, while the center of the carpet has detailed circular and curved patterns and floral patterns. Prolonged exposure to the sun softens the colors to give a good impression.

Material and Weaving

These rugs are mainly wool with a cotton finish. Sometimes craftsmen use silk to add extravagance to the rugs. We import wool to make thin, high-quality rugs. These rugs have Mori and Persian knots with high KPSI that makes them very durable and long-lasting.

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