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You can find the best original art paintings here. It is amazing to know that we have a fantastic and remarkable variety of art in our online art gallery of the USA, and in a way that is easy for online consumers to find and buy these artworks. Every painting offered here comes with the highest quality and is produced by experienced professional artists because we have high original production standards. We offer competitive prices and can offer exciting offers for passionate art lovers.

Our conceptual art brand is one of the most prestigious world online art gallery for modern, classic, and original art pieces. We have a good selection of curated works of art, painted with different themes and with the inclusion of specific types and techniques. We only recognize the value of a partnership with a broad selection of artists to liven up their talents. Homediart strives to provide high-quality artwork via an online art gallery in Canada and the USA for art lovers.

Talking about art seems like a discipline in itself, and if you are new to the art world, you probably have many questions, especially about each art movement and different types of art. We cover all artistic movements and styles, from abstract expressionism and pop art to fauvism, cubism, and impressionism.

  • Decorative Motive: The first aim of this primitive painting was probably decoration, the use of colored forms for color and form only.
  • Functional & Persuasive Motives: The second and perhaps later aim was to convey an idea of the proportions and characters of things by imitating them. “We can do it” by J. Howard Miller promote idea, thought, and philosophy.
  • Ceremonial Motive: Another motive was to celebrate or commemorate something important in the culture, in ritual or worship, or personal life as The Last Supper by Da Vinci.
  • Narrative Motive: To describe an experience, tell a story, or make a point. Pieter Brueghel’s “The Peasant Wedding is an example.
  • Art Motive: A self-expression of the artist’s emotions, feelings, experiences, or ideas was another motive of painting. Consider “Master of Augusta” by Rick Rush.

Our online art gallery in Canada and the USA caters to all these useful purposes of art. Our original art paintings for sale are the marvel conceptions of the artists who use their skills and creativity at their best to get the amazing results!

Our professional painters focus on several distinct genres that have come to represent the genius of the most famous artists of all time.

The master artists’ works such as Romanticism Artist Francisco Goya’s masterpiece The Third of May 1808 or J.M.W. Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire can be skillfully reproduced by the expert in our online art gallery in the USA. Many other reproductions of masterpieces are also worth your attention in the world online art gallery.

In Cubism, the Weeping Woman is a painting produced by Pablo Picasso in 1937. The Spanish artist had revisited the theme of this painting much time in that year. The painting can be viewed at Tate Modern in London. In Fauvism, Henry Matisse’s Woman with a hat is a well-known artwork. Édouard Manet is a famous impressionist artist. Unique style female nudes were often the subjects of Manet, and many a time caused much controversy. Post-Impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night is a famous painting.

We have expert artists for original art paintings who are concerned with art concepts and techniques of these popular artists and their paintings. They accurately and skillfully reproduce their works.

Painting is the art of spray-painting in a certain way with brushes to create art. There is a wide range of paintings and techniques that artists can use to express their creativity. Throughout history, the artists’ painting and media they use have evolved. New technology and changing tastes mean that the colors used by artists continue to diversify. But how do you know which color is right for you? Many of us are familiar with watercolors, oils, and acrylics, but there is much more to discover.

  • Oil painting works well with almost all types of styles. You can work with an even color structure, and it has a wonderful scent.
  • Watercolor painting is a method of mixing color and water to create a unique art painting style.
  • Pastel painting is an illustration form that uses pastel colors to create a well-defined and well-thought-out painting.
  • Acrylic paint is a kind of artwork that uses acrylic paint, which has the special feature of drying quickly on the applied carrier.
  • Carbon is a form of the dry artificial medium made from finely ground organic material held together by a rubber or wax binder.

Each beat that looks like poetry in motion took years of practice, and each color combination required several sleepless nights to create a painting that is a feast for the eyes, a sight that is not so easy to conquer.



No Happiness but Others


Lifespan Aroma


A Morning Walk




Personality Traits


Fear of Freedom


No Way Out



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