Why should someone paint, appreciate and promote paintings? With so many responses, that is a basic question. The simplest answer is the deep joy of making something out of nothing. Imagine a place that you see in a dream, it’s amazing, you don’t want to leave but you wake up and it’s gone. Painting helps the artist to capture that place and there’s nothing like the feeling when it becomes true. That’s why, original streetscape paintings, original cityscape paintings, and so on are a source of expressing emotions, and relating oneself to the scene described in the painting.

Another feeling is when there is no real, concrete picture but then you have a feeling or a concept that it becomes a shape, something you may choose to describe or leave as your expression. There is no tension and distractions and the mind and body find a balance as they have never been doing anything else. Through original seminude paintings or original miniature paintings, one can express those abstract ideas that are developing in his mind.

Original Landscape Paintings; Promotion of Culture:

You will be profoundly inspired by the wonder and beauty of nature and one can capture scenes that celebrate nature through original landscape paintings.
Nature scenery plays a significant role in forming the visual identity of sustainable cities as it is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of cities and tourist attractions. Nevertheless, there are many cities whose visual image lacks the existence of a right and sustainable landscape, which harms the visual image of these cities, and ultimately on the global position of those cities.

Original Cityscape Paintings; an Inspiration

Original Cityscape Paintings is an art that depends on city scenes and their elements such as streets, houses, forms, composition, and other elements of the city. This type of art considers cities as a source of inspiration, as it represents all the different sides of the cities such as their history, antiquity, modernity, scale, density, interstitial space-built forms and, of course, architectural design.

Original Seminude Paintings; Connection to Ancient Times

What does Art mean by nudity? Would that always allude to a sensual intent or can artists express something more in paintings?

We need to go back in time to appreciate the importance of nudity in art when sculptures were the most popular art form. Sculptures were designed to represent different important aspects of social life, especially religion and governance. These sculptures became an integral part of society, and they embellished temples, courthouses, palaces, parks, and other significant public places. Therefore, sculptors required a high degree of ability and creativity to make the sculptures look more lifelike.

Sculptors experimented with posture, composition, location, and angle of sections of the body and various other details to create a perfect statue of life.

Original Miniature Paintings:

The miniature paintings are made with great care. The artists make their paintings using paper, canvas, marble, fabric, ivory frames, wooden tables, and walls. In comparison to their European counterparts, Indian artists use multiple viewpoints to create these paintings. The paints used to make such paintings are made from minerals and plants, precious stones, and pure gold and silver.

Do you need to know how to find or paint a true inspirational painting? Here are some useful tips for that.

Using Lighting

To build original landscape paintings, lighting is a very important factor. Use a natural lighting condition that has certain general guidelines, such as sunrise, overcast weather, or sunset; change them to suit the story to make better.

Using Real-Life Images

When portraying original streetscape painting, use your own experience. When was your last time there? How did it make you feel? If you were able to construct a painting based on that scene, how would it look like? Asking yourself these questions will help you paint.

Playing with Colors to Find the Right Mood

When you plan ideas for colors, you should check various ideas with some traditional combinations of colors; complementary, comparable, and achromatic combinations are some combinations. Complementary means what it sounds like: opposites on the color wheel fit well and often make a great contrast for paintings.

In a nutshell, paintings are a source of inspiration, catharsis, tourism development and many more. So, show some appreciation to our original artwork for being an inspirational art lover.